“Al que nace pa’ martillo…!”

“Al que nace pa’ martillo…!”

This exhibition for the Project Room of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico included eight sculptures made specifically for this occasion. The pieces were conceived as observations and, commentaries of contemporary socio/political issues facing the island.

They were made from the perspective of a native that has returned to his country, after a 20 year absence. The issues they address were selected randomly:

  • the presence of the US military in the island
  • drunk-driving
  • the fiscal crisis
  • race issues
  • drugs
  • illegal immigrants
  • the beauty of the sea

The pieces were titled after popular sayings which, like music, remain a vibrant mean of wisdom bequeathment, from the older generations on to the younger ones. The sculptures were intended to be perceived as clinical and, scientific observations; not as judgments and, accusations.

The show opened with a 15 color silkscreen titled: All that we are is the reflection of what we have thought. A sentence that both encompasses the quintessential thought of J.P. Sartre but also, the beginning line of Buddha’s Dhammapada. One of those rare moments when East and West philosophies meet. It addresses the concept that there are no alibis for men. It opposes any reliance on the divine and, presents man standing alone in the universe, responsible for his condition, likely to remain in a lowly state, but free to reach above the stars.